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Non-cross-linked polypropylene sheet with low foaming ratio



Photograph of EFCELL

It is light and strong.

EFCELL has a rigidity while providing with the buffer in lightness, and chemical resisitance, heatproof and water-proof.

Beautiful externals and excellent print

It excels in a smooth surface in having achieved a minute cell by an original foam technology, and the screen gravure and the offset lithography are possible. The feeling in peculiar surface with warmth is a feature.

The processing is preeminent.

It is excellent in the processing of the titling, bonding, the supersonic wave bonding and the rivet stop.

Excellent economy

Foam magnification that is appropriate for usage(Two times-Four times)Selection. It is possible to recycle as well as a general polypropylene (PP plastic).

Electrification prevention

It is a material that doesn't attract dust easily for a long term by the antistatic treatment, and not polluted easily. In addition, the product that strengthens the characteristic more for the environment that dislikes static electricity like electrification prevention and permanent electrification preventions, etc. is prepared.

It is sanitary and harmlessness.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) that is the inert gas is used for the foam of Efsel, and neither the combustible gas, fluorocarbon nor the chemical resolution type blowing agent are used.

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