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Non-cross-linked polypropylene sheet with low foaming ratio



For packaging (Recommended grades: CP, D, E and EH)

EFCELL is a lightweight material that offers excellent rigidity, durability and shock-absorbing properties, so it has been used in packaging applications, such as partitioning the members of reusable containers. The product lineup offers greater benefits by using the general-, antistatic- and conductive-grade products according to the usage environment.

Partitioning members, shock-absorbing materials, inserted sheets, protective materials, bottom sheets, reusable containers (reusable boxes), floor mats, spacers, cases for cakes, etc.

Photograph of for packaging

Photograph of for packaging

Photograph of for packaging

Photograph of for packaging

For construction work (CP grade)

EFCELL is equipped with the optimum heat-insulating and shock-absorbing properties thanks to the air bubbles inside.

Core material for bathtub covers, condensation-preventing material, shock-absorbing material

Photograph of for construction work

For signboards (CP and RC grades)

EFCELL has excellent surface smoothness, which is conducive to screen printing, gravure printing and offset printing. The material can be worked easily because it is lightweight and has been used often with signboards at high locations.

Signboards (safety indicators, road signs, bulletin boards, panels), stickers, posters, displays

Photograph of for signboards

For stationeries (recommended grade: RC)

The unique technology used to manufacture EFCELL has created a texture that feels similar to paper. The material has been used with folders and other stationery. Three different thicknesses, namely 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mm are available, and eight colors (red, blue, yellow, green, white, navy, gray and light gray) are always in stock.

Files, file boxes, fans, educational toys, stickers

Photograph of for stationeries

Photograph of for stationeries

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