The single-mode laser beams with wavelength of 1070 nm are capable of delivering high condensing performance representing the diffraction limit.

The newly developed FEC1000S-7-SP for ultra-high-speed modulation up to 250 kHz, and is ideal for cutting metal foil.


  • Cutting, welding, and drilling of metal
  • Cutting, scribing, and drilling of ceramic substrates
  • Paint stripping
  • Micro-processing
  • Copper foil and aluminum foil cutting


Class Model FEC300S FEC500S FEC700S FEC1000S FEC1500S FEC1000S-7-SP
Optical characteristics Rated output (W) 300 500





Beam mode



Oscillator / power supply separate type

Wavelength (nm) 1070
Polarization Random polarization
Output adjustable range 10 to 100% of rated output
Modulation frequency (kHz) to 50

to 250

Fiber core diameter (µm) 14
Beam quality M2 (Typ.)


Cooling Cooling method / oscillator Water cooling
Cooling method / power supply

Air cooling

Cooling water temperature (ºC) 25
Transmission cable Optical output cable end connector



Fiber core diameter (µm) 14 14
Cable cooling method

Air cooling

Water cooling

Standard cable length (m) 7 7 5 7
Power supply Power supply Three-phase 200 to 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz ± 5%

External dimensions (mm)

Single-mode fiber laser
Model FEC300S/500S/700S FEC1000S/1500S/FEC1000S-7-SP
External dimensions Optical unit W430 × H90 (115) × D600 W580 × H100 (125) × D643
Power unit W430 × H132.5 (157.5) × D600 W580 × H132.5 (157.5) × D643

(Note) The values in parentheses ( ) include rubber feet * Projections are not included.

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