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Core material for futon bedclothes



Light and hard

The feature of this product is lighter than the polyester fiber mattress, and is harder than the urethane.

Comparison of core materials and components
FOAM ACE 1.2kg/sheet
Wick made of polyster 2.0kg/sheet

Cushion performance

An independent cell does the role of the inflatable cushion, and it has the hardness of of turning over in bed and moderate breathing in.

Excellent heat insulation

The air layer of an independent bubble is made, and an extremely low thermal conductivity is achieved. It has an excellent performance in heat insulation. We will especially encourage it to the cold character.

Excellent buffer

Because moderate flexibility is abundant, comfortable sleep is obtained. It is fit in the person to whom the waist is tired because of driving and sports easily.


  1. We will recommend use where FOAM ACE is rolled by the polyester or wool, etc. because there is no moisture absorption.
  2. The dryness after it washes recommends the low temperature dryness. The durability of FOAM ACE is up to 80 to 90°C. The tumbler dryness cannot be used.

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