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Pipe floaters for dredging



Photograph of Pipe Frotor
Pipe Floater WOOKY

Because WOOKY and ANCHOR BUOY can be done according to polyethylene foam laminated structure,These products are lighter than steel Floater.

Moreover, the hole might not open by contact with the ship like hollow Plastic Floater.

and it is possible to use it safely many times.
WOOKY is chiefly used as Floater of sand transportation pipe for dredging.

Moreover, ANCHOR BUOY is used as a buoy that shows the position of the anchor of the servicing vehicle.

(Note) WOOKY is a combustible product made of foamed polyethylene. Please be very careful not to allow it to catch fire when using a fusing burner during disassembly. Please also take extra care to keep fire away while storing.

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