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Pipe floaters for dredging



Excellent functionality

  • There is a big buoyancy. Detaching is easy.
  • Detaching is easy for shape to stop it in the unity band with semicircle cylindrical shape.
  • Power from the outside is absorbed and the buffing action is demonstrated.
  • The hole opens even if coming in contact with the ship, it doesn't sink, and the role to protect the tube.

Procedure for attaching :
an example with metal bands (when five sand-discharge pipes measuring ø810 × 6000 mm are bundled)

Lay the metal parts and WOOKY (lower half) side by side.

Lower the sand-discharge pipe.

Cover with WOOKY (upper half). It has been designed with strict dimensions to prevent it falling off, so press it hard from above for fitting.

Wind metallic bands and tighten the bolts sufficiently so that the bands can bite into the WOOKY.

Example of metallic bands for use in Sea water

When a net belt band is used (A dedicated tool is needed.)

Pass the net band over the outer circumference through a bundling machine, as shown in the photograph, and tighten by driving the lever in the forward and backward directions.

Example of using a net belt band for use in Fresh water

High durability

  • The subject material is polyethylene foam, and it doesn't corrode.
  • It is not easy to be influenced from the buoyancy even if it damages it from the outside because of the closed cell foam.

Handy mobility

  • It is light and handling is easy.
  • A lot of lamination factors when transported can be loaded into the carrier of constant capacity well.

Example of loading onto a truck

Example of space-saving storage not affected by the loading method

Example of space-saving storage not affected by the loading method

Safety that can be trusted

  • The use in the sea is the elution of the poisonous substance, and doesn't pollute the ocean either.

Efficient economy

  • Partial substitution is possible.
  • The economic effectuation has risen extremely on the whole as for the structure, shape, the installation, durability, and the lamination factor, etc.

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