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Foamed polyethylene heat-insulating sheet with adhesive



No adhesive is needed

  • Since the product is provided with special adhesive, there is no need to apply and manage adhesive at the construction site.
  • It is possible to suppress irritation in the work environment caused by volatile solvents.
  • The mild adhesive that enables the product to be peeled off after being attached makes it best suited for applications to roofs.
  • It is especially convenient with slanted roofs and in slightly windy locations.

No separation sheet

  • Since there is no separation sheet, there is no garbage accumulation at the construction site.

Reduces loss of metallic plates

  • Even if PITATTO ECO was used as a heat-insulating liner for metallic lengthwise roofing, it can be reattached again if it was not successfully attached at first.
  • If the heat-insulating material is no longer needed, it can be recycled separately from the metallic plates.


  1. Depending on the condition of the roof, the adhesive becomes sticky due to heat from the sunlight after an elapse of time and prevents the heat-insulating liner from being removed.
  2. The adhesion strength differs depending on the type of steel plate.
  3. Please note that the adhesion strength declines each time the product is removed and reattached. The adhesion performance declines especially where dust and other factors cause staining.

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