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Cross-linked polyethylene foam



Excellent adiabaticity

Because the thermal conductivity is extremely low and moisture permeability is small, FOAM ACE has a preeminent performance as a insulator in various heat insulators.

Excellent buffer

Since FOAM ACE is extremely large amounts of energy via elasticity and flexibility, it is an ideal cushioning and shock-absorbing material.

Light, big buoyancy

FOAM ACE hardly absorbs water, and has a big buoyancy.

Easy processing

FOAM ACE can be processed easily into various products by shearung, slicing, punching, bonding, fusion bonding, laminating, embossing, vacuum and compression molding, printing, etc.

Excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance

FOAM ACE shows excellent weather resistance in various foam. Moreover, it is violated by neither various medicines, oil nor solvents, etc. and it is excellent also in chemical resistance.

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