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Heat-insulating material for ducts

Furukawa pipe cover


It is excellent in adiabaticity.

The percentage of absorption of water are extremely small because it is a chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam of the closed cell structure, and a preeminent insulation efficiency is obtained for a long term in various heat insulators.

The processing and construction are easy.

Elbo and the cheese can be easily processed with the knife. because it is a flexible pipe cover, construction is also extremely easy.

It is excellent in weather resistance and chemical resistance.

Weather resistance excellent in various foam is shown. Moreover, it is violated easily by neither various medicines, oil nor solvents and it is long-lived.

It is heatproof 120°C for supplying hot water. (jurisdiction temperature)

The chemical cross-lomked polyethylene foam excels in heatproof, and is the most suitable for piping for supplying hot water.

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