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Vibration-control and heat-insulating material for metallic roof



Figure of SIZUKA ACE

Excellent effect of rainfall anti-noise

The solid propagation sound is decreased by vibration deadening, and the prevention of rainfall noise is aimed at. The effect is almost equal to laminated damping steel sheets.

The steel board is not chosen.

SIZUKA ACE can give the vibration deadening performance by putting it directly on a metallic roof. Because the vibration deadening function has been added to the heat insulator side, the steel seet can be freely selected.

Excellent processing

It can be construction by having adopted aluminum as a damping materials with an roll Forming machine.

Suited for fireproof certification

SIZUKA ACE FUNEN SD can be used with fireproof buildings. The “Class 2 Inorganic Highly Compact Foam with Vibration Control Material” of the Appendix to the certificate refers to SIZUKA ACE FUNEN SD.

  Scope of application Certificate No.
Structural body (roof) Structural body of metal roof
that combines metallic plates and FUNEN ACE
The roof withstands fire for 30 min.
Metallic plate 0.6mm or more in thickness
FUNEN ACE 9mm or less thick
Material certification Composite product of FUNEN ACE and steel plates Quasi-incombustible QM-9849
Metallic plate 0.6mm or more in thickness
FUNEN ACE 9mm or less thick


  • The product uses aluminum. Please wear gloves to protect your hands when handling the product.
  • Stains on the bonding surface cause adhesiveness to decline. Please make sure to remove stains before bonding. (Especially oil stain)

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