Tape for Semiconductor Process
of Furukawa Electric

We keep challenging to make new products, new technologies, and new manufacturing methods.
We offer you the best solution for your needs with all our technologies.

Core Technology (UV Reaction Knowhow, Blending knowhow of polymer, Sheet Manufacturing/Coating Knowhow)

Unique abilities to design, develop and manufacture each layers by ourselves

From 2014, DAF production line was installed newly. As the result, Furukawa acquired unique abilities to design, develop and manufacture each layers by ourselves.

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We have continued our business since 1984 and we have launched various kind of dicing tape and grinding tape with own knowhow.


Started the Development in Hiratsuka Works


Dicing Tape UC Series is Launched


Backgrinding Tape SP Series is Launched


Backgrinding Tape CP Series is Launched


Dicing Tape FC Series is Launched


Mie Works Starts Operation


Dicing Die Attach Film is Lunched


Tape for Backgrinding

These tapes are designed for surface protection of semiconductor wafers during backgrinding process.

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Tape for Dicing

These tapes are designed for holding semiconductor wafer or package during dicing process.

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Dicing Die Attach Film

Die Attach Film is adhesive film which is used for semiconductor process.

It is combined with dicing tape, and it is called as Dicing Die Attach Film.

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