Die Attach Film is adhesive film which is used for semiconductor process.

It is combined with dicing tape, and it is called as Dicing Die Attach Film.


Characteristics (Main Products)

  AFN603 AFN303 AFN601
Curing Condition(note) 150deg.C, 60min Or
180deg.C, 60min
150deg.C, 60min 150deg.C, 60min Or
120deg.C, 60min(Half Cure)
Ramp UP Time to Curing Temperature 30min 30min 30min
DAF thickness µm 20/25/50 10 50/60/80
General DC tape Type UV type UV type UV type
DC tape thickness µm 100 100 100
Recommended UV dosage mJ/cm2 200 200 200
CTE αlpha1 ppm/K 37 33 26
αlpha2 ppm/K 132 125 80
Tg (TMA) deg.C 115 120 156
Metling Viscosity 70deg.C Pa・s 37400 25000 16000
120deg.C Pa・s 2000 1350 1600
Elastic Modulus 50deg.C MPa 2900 4500 6000
250deg.C MPa 56 100 650
Water Absorption, 85℃, 85%, 100h wt% 0.8 0.8 0.7
Die Shear Strength
2x2mm Si Die to Si Mirror Wafer
@Room Temperature MPa 60 60 50
@260deg.C MPa 12 12 16

(note) When die attach void is happened, step curing (120deg.C, 60min + 150deg.C, 60min) is recommended

Basic Specifications

Standard specifications for AFN603, AFN303, and AFN601 are shown in below table.

Item Standard Specifications
Number of Sheet in a roll 50pcs or 200pcs
Recommended Storage Condition -5deg.C~10deg.C
Shelf Life One Year after Production Date
Pot life One Month after Thawing Date

Introduction to Other Products

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