Automotive Products (Wire Harness, Steering Roll Connector, Perimeter monitoring radars), Automotive Batteries, Batteries for Industrial Use

Results of operations in 2017 (Years ended March 31)

Although wire harness sales were sluggish in the domestic market, the Automotive Products Division started to see results from its ongoing efforts from last fiscal year to boost production efficiency at sites in Mexico and other locations.

The regional headquarters responsible for engineering and sales in China and Thailand will work to expand sales in China and ASEAN countries. At the same time, we will optimize the production system for wire harnesses in every region that we operate in to enhance profitability.

2016 2017
Net sales(Billions of yen) 234.1 223.4
Operating income(Billions of yen) 8.0 10.1

Net sales

Graph of Net sales

Operating income

Graph of Operating income

(Years ended March 31)