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Results of operations in 2017 (Years ended March 31)

The Communication Solutions Division saw the price level of optical fiber cables improve as demand remained strong in the U.S., Europe, and China. The division also enjoyed growing sales of low-loss transmission optical fibers for submarine cables, which are its high value-added products. Sales of digital coherent products were also robust. While the Energy Infrastructure Division experienced an increase in sales after taking over the operations of VISCAS, temporary merger expenses as well as declining demand for power transmission components from domestic power companies kept profits down.

In April 2017, we established joint manufacturing ventures with NTT Electronics Corporation, one to produce optical semiconductor devices (with Furukawa Electric owning a 60% stake) and the other, planar lightwave circuit products (with Furukawa Electric owning a 20% stake). We will combine the unique technologies of the two companies and efficiently allocate business resources with an eye to establishing a production capability that can meet the growing demand for optical components while enhancing profitability.

2016 2017
Net sales(Billions of yen) 159.1 168.5
Operating income(Billions of yen) 8.0 14.2

Net sales

Graph of Net sales

Operating income

Graph of Operating income

(Years ended March 31)