Logistics, Information Processing / Software Development, Real Estate Leasing, Hydroelectric Power Generation, Research & Development of New Products

Results of operations in 2017 (Years ended March 31)

Consolidated net sales for the segment totaled 49.7 billion yen (down 3.6% year on year) and consolidated operating losses amounted to 0.1 billion yen (loss increased 0.6 billion yen year on year). This was due to a substantial decrease in rent revenue after selling a rental property in March 2016. Non-consolidated net sales came to 2.3 billion yen (down 31.5% year on year).

The logistics business

There is a high demand for expertise in logistics solutions throughout industry as a means of efficiently focusing corporate resources on core business. Furukawa Logistics Corporation, carrying out its mission to provide logistics support for Group companies, has accumulated know-how and expertise that ensure the provision of optimal logistics solutions to suit the challenges and needs of corporations.

The information processing and software development business

We develop and operate a variety of network systems, not limited to the Furukawa Electric Group, but also serving other companies. We respond to a broad range of needs, from building networks that incorporate the strongest security measures and mission-critical systems, to developing and operating various operational application systems including sales support systems, CAD/CAE, and others. The core responsibility lies with Furukawa Information Technology Corporation, which achieved CMM Level-5 in Japan and is highly regarded for the quality of its work.

The environmental and recycling business

The Furukawa Electric Group utilizes its nationwide network to collect out-of-service power lines and cables and recycle them through its dismantling system and at our plastic recycling plant, which are among Japan's largest. As a result, nearly 100% of conductor materials, such as copper and aluminum are recycled, even as we expand our use of insulation materials such as recycled plastic and fuel.