Copper Alloy Wire, Aluminum Wire, Magnet Wire / Enameled Wire, Copper and Copper Alloy Products, Surface-treated Products (Metal Plating), Processing product for Electronic Parts (Lead Frame), Superconducting Cable, Special Metal (Shape Memory Alloys & Super-elastic Alloys)

Results of operations in 2017 (Years ended March 31)

The Copper & High Performance Material Products Division suffered a drop in sales due to falling copper prices on top of a temporary increase in R&D expenses for some products while the sales volume of wrought copper products bounced back to where it was before the snow damage that affected the Nikko Works in 2014.

In the Magnet Wire business, we established a joint venture with the U.S.-based Superior Essex Inc. (with Furukawa Electric owning a 49% stake) in Germany in March 2017 to manufacture and sell ultra-high-voltage rectangular magnet wires for automotive motors and other applications. Once we are equipped with the capability to manufacture and sell these products where there is demand, we will enter the European market for magnet wires used in EVs and PHVs.

2016 2017
Net sales(Billions of yen) 257.0 232.1
Operating income(Billions of yen) 2.4 2.7

Net sales

Operating income

(Years ended March 31)