Cable conduit materials, Water distribution piping and fluid transport piping, Foam Products, Tape for Semiconductor Process, Electronics parts, Heat-Dissipation / Cooling Products, Blank Material for Aluminum Memory Disk, Copper Foil

Results of operations in 2017 (Years ended March 31)

The AT & Functional Plastics Division saw sales of Tape for Semiconductor Process increase while the Copper Foil Division enjoyed growing demand, and also experienced positive effects from structural reform after transferring production to Taiwan, as well as an increase in sales of high-value-added products such as copper foils for high-frequency applications. On the downside, the Thermal Management Solution & Products Division saw demand for PC heat-dissipation products decline.

Our German subsidiary, Trocellen GmbH, will take the lead in tapping into the demand for foamed products in the construction materials and automobile markets in Europe and North America.

2016 2017
Net sales(Billions of yen) 136.3 131.5
Operating income(Billions of yen) 8.5 11.7

Net sales

Graph of Net sales

Operating income

Graph of Operating income

(Years ended March 31)