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Heat insulator for rooftop seat waterproof



FOAM ACE is strong to the solvent and the alkaline,and don't absorb water.

  • FOAM ACE is strong to the alkaline of a solvent adhesive and the building frame. Because not absorb water by closed cell structural heat insulator, the insulation efficiency is maintained. It is suitable as the heat insulator of the waterproof usage.

Figure of FOAM ACE
The product is used as the heat-insulating material and surface-leveling material for the waterproof sheet on the roof of a building.

It is easy to construct, and is beautiful finish.

  • Since the adhesive surface has a special embossed configuration, the air is not retained when the surfaces are pressed together, allowing tight bonding.
  • FOAM ACE is hard skin, positioning and pasting try to be easy.

Excellent strength

  • Strength and compressive strength are especially excellent.

Variegated commodity lineup of product size

  • Even the thick material of 30mm does the length scale roll making.
  • The speedup of work can be attempted by decreasing the number of joints.
  • We will recommend the cutting goods of 1m×2m to construction corresponding to the passing annual income cotton crepe.

Environment friendly fluorocarbon unused heat insulator

  • FOAM ACE is not using fluorocarbon for the global environment protection at all.

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