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Heat insulator for rooftop seat waterproof


Effect of insulated construction

Energy-saving measures

The room temperature rise by heat from the rooftop is suppressed in summer when insulated construction is done,The air conditioning efficiency can be raised by suppressing the radiation from the room in winter.

Durability improvement of building

  • As for the rooftop slab, the expansion shrinkage is repeated by the intense heat and the cold.
  • Heat is intercepted in the outermost layer, the temperature influence on the slab building frame is reduced, the crack and damage are prevented, and the durability of a building is improved.

Beautiful finish

FOAM ACE has moderate flexibility, tells the water-resistant layer neither the ruggedness nor the crack on the slab side directly and prevents buffer and the water-resistant layer being broken. Moreover, the smooth groundwork is made, and it finishes beautifully.

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