We will promote ESG management as a unified group and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

“Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continuous technological innovation.” This is the Corporate Philosophy of the Furukawa Electric Group.

From our founding in 1884 through to the present day, the conveying, connecting, and storage of energy, information, and heat have been the pillars of our business, and through the four core technologies of metals, polymers, photonics, and high-frequency, we are developing a wide range of products around the world in fields of infrastructure such as telecommunications and energy, as well as in the fields of automotive components and electronics.

The DNA of the Furukawa Electric Group comes from the words of our founder, Ichibei Furukawa: “value employees, value customers, value new technology, and contribute to society”. These ideas are linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations, and I believe that it is ESG management itself, which gives care and consideration for the environment, society, and governance. Our daily operations are guided by the “three valuables” spoken of by Ichibei Furukawa.

Last year, we experienced a grave and unprecedented situation in which economic activity stagnated around the world due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. For us, fiscal 2021 will be “the year of building a powerful company”, during which we will further enhance our ability to respond to changes and prepare to achieve the targets of the next medium-term management plan, which will start in fiscal 2022. Furthermore, by providing Furukawa Electric Group technologies, products, and services in an open, agile, and innovative manner, we aim to protect the health of people and the social infrastructure they live in, to support growth, and to realize a truly affluent and sustainable society. Through these activities, we will meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

Keiichi Kobayashi

PresidentKeiichi Kobayashi