May 13, 2024

The materials for the FY2023 Financial Results and the progress of the Mid-term Plan posted on May 13 are identical because these were held on the same day.

Part of the Q&A Summary updated on May 13 has been corrected.

Various reports issued by Furukawa Electric are listed together.

Integrated Report 2023

The Integrated Report 2023 presents the specific progress that has been made in the sustainability indicators newly set for each important management issue (material issue) for achieving Vision 2030, as well as the specific value creation process towards 2030.
This year, along with showing strong awareness for the links with the “Approach and Initiatives toward Sustainability” as stated in the Annual Securities Report and summarizing the “information disclosed in line with the TCFD recommendations” in the section on climate change, the section on human capital sets forth a new framework with awareness of the links to the management strategy and business strategy. Including these changes, the structure of this year’s report has been greatly revised to enable a better understanding of the overall strategy. Also, the section on governance includes a “Message from Outside Directors” covering the deliberations by the Board of Directors and Nominating/Compensation Committee concerning the process for appointing the new president and the introduction of ESG-linked remuneration into the Company’s remuneration system for Directors, etc.