Procurement Items and Call for Proposals

We are seeking suppliers for the items listed below. Please cantact us by clicking the "For Information" button on the TOP Page, if you are interested as a potential supplier.

Major Division Medium Division
Ordinary steel materials Magnetic steel sheet and strip, Cold rolled steel strip, Hot rolled steel strip, Steel sheet of medium thickness, Surface-treated steel sheet, steel bars, sections, Steel tube
Castings, forgings, others iron casting, steel castings, steel forgings, Welding rod, Secondary products
Non-ferrous metal materials Copper products, Copper products (Brass), Copper products (Others), Aluminum products, Non-ferrous metal castings and forgings, Non-ferrous metal clad products, Other non-ferrous metal materials, Solder
Fuels, gasses, others Fuel oil, Fuel gas, Lubricant and cutting oil, Organic chemicals, Inorganic chemicals, Paint, Varnish for electrical insulation, Separated gas, Special gas, Additives for plastics, Organic rubber chemicals
Synthetic resins Thermosetting resin, Thermoplastic resin, Thermosetting-resin products, Thermoplastic-resin products, Layered products, Composite products, Silicones, Raw material and products of rubber
Plastics, paper, glass, others Film and tape, Paper products, Mica products, Fiber products, Glass products, Other ceramics, Fine ceramics, Wood products
Electronic parts Resistor, Capacitor, Filter, Quartz crystal, Electronic tube, Electronic-tube parts, Transistor, Diode, Photoelectric device, Thyristor, Semiconductors, Magnetic memory, Sensors, Other semiconductors, Liquid crystal
Electric parts Printed circuit board, Connectors, Contact, Other connecting and wiring parts, Relay, Switch, Circuit breaker, Safety fuse and breakers, Radio-wave parts, Magnetic parts, Battery and charger, Functional units, Electric meter, transducer,transformer, Audio parts, Others
Integrated circuits Bipolar digital IC, Bipolar memory IC, Bipolar linear IC, MOS digital IC, MOS memory IC, MOS linear IC, Hybrid IC, Full-custom LSI
Mechanical parts Fastening parts, bearing, Other transmitting parts, Structural parts, Piping and sealing parts, Mechanical meter
Machinery and equipment Information processing equipment, power supply, Measuring equipment, Rotating machine, Hydraulic equipment, Air-conditioning equipment, Air-pressure equipment, Environment-related equipment and materials, Others
Packaging and auxiliary materials Packaging materials, Custom auxiliary parts, Tools, Die, mold, and wooden form, Construction equipment
Outside manufacturing Materials supplied for value, Materials supplied charge-free, On-the-premise work
Custom products Custom units, Construction work, Recycling and reuse processing
Software outsourcing
Equipment Office equipment, Other equipment
Consumable goods
Industrial waste Industrial waste disposal

Standard Purchasing Procedure

Purchasing Procedure Standard procedures up to the business transaction are illustrated here.