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Important business fields for supporting growth

Centered on the 4 technologies of "metals", "polymers", "photonics" and "high frequency", we are contributing to society through the development of a wide range of products in the fields of communications solutions, energy infrastructure, automotive products & batteries, electronics component materials and functional products.
In addition, we will continue to take on new challenges directed at combining our accumulated technology and creating new businesses.

Communications Solutions

Optical communications technology that supports safe, secure next generation infrastructure

Made up of the optical fiber and cable products, FITEL products and broadband solutions businesses, the Communications Solutions segment manufactures and sells products for data communications infrastructure, as well as provides design, installation and maintenance services for data communication networks.

Following the increased data traffic, the use of 5G (5th generation mobile data communications) is accelerating worldwide, and the next generation of mobile data communications is expected to be introduced. Based on these trends, we are leveraging our accumulated technological capability and global network capability to continue providing advanced optical communications technology, products and services, and we will contribute to the establishment of next generation communications infrastructure.

Energy Infrastructure

Supporting social infrastructure through advanced technology development capabilities, installation capabilities and stable quality

The Energy Infrastructure segment is made up of the power cable business and industrial cable & power cable accessories business. These businesses provide manufacturing, sales and installation of extra-high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage power cable and equipment.

As demand for renewable energy grows directed at achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, we provide transmission systems backed by advanced technological development capability, installation capability and quality. Also, the industrial cable and power cable accessories used for various electrical connections reduce customer workload and contribute to solving social issues such as the lack of workers in the aging society.

Automotive Products & Batteries

We support the future of safer, more confortable mobility by connecting people, vehicles and the world.

The segment consists of 2 businesses, whihc are the automotive products business, including wire harnesses, steering roll connectors, lead battery state detection sensors and peripheral monitoring radar, and the batteries business through the listed subsidiary Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.

In the mobility domain, we will develop and provide lightweight products that contribute to realizing carbon neutrality and high performance, high precision sensor products that contribute to increased safety, and we will actively contribute to realizing safe, secure and convenient automobiles.

Electronics Component Materials

Leveraging the development capabilities for high performance materials and contributing to the advancement of electronics technology

Made up of the electric conductor (including magnet wire) business and the copper & high performance material products business, the segment manufactures and sells mainly copper products for electrical wire, automotive components and electronics materials.

Following "electrification" and "autonomous driving" in the automotive market and the shift to higher performance communications equipment resulting from increased data traffic in the telecommunications domain, the materials are also required to have more diverse features. We will propose value by leveraging our ability to develop materials that meet customer needs.

Functional Products

Providing well-differentiated products through rapid response capabilities and flexible proposal capabilities

Made up of the AT & functional plastics, thermal management solution & products, memory disk and copper foil businesses, the segment manufactures and sells functional products through the processing of plastic and non-ferrous metals.

The speed and volume of telecommunications traffic will continue to increase in the future. In addition, it is necessary to realize a sustainable society, including carbon neutrality and disaster prevention and mitigation. Leveraging our ability to propose and develop new products that meet the needs of our customers, we will support the growing telecommunications and social infrastructure markets.

In particular, for the electronics market, including data centers, we provide high value added products that are well-differentiated through our rapid response and agile proposal capabilities.
Furthermore, we will develop new markets through the application of foam technology and contribute to the implementation of social infrastructure for the next generation.

New businesses and products

Create businesses designed to solve social issues through proposal capabilities and utilizing the accumulated technology

Leveraging the group's core technologies, the segment is working to create businesses in new domains such as life sciences and social infrastructure maintenance and management.

Going forward, we will continue to utilize the 4 core technologies (metals, polymers, photonics and high frequency) to create businesses designed to solve social issues through open innovation and co-creation with various stakeholders.

Furukawa Electric Group, Vision 2030

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