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Furukawa Electric Group, Vision 2030

In order to build a sustainable world and make people’s life safe, peaceful and rewarding, Furukawa Electric Group will create solutions for the new generation of global infrastructure combining information, energy and mobility.

Furukawa Electric Group's vision for 2030

InformationRealize high speed, large volume telecommunications infrastructure, and support the Beyond 5G society

In addition to the "high speed, large volume", "low latency" and "multiple simultaneous connections" of existing 5G, the next generation mobile telecommunications system Beyond 5G will have further "energy savings", "safety and reliability", "autonomy" and "expandability". In order to realize these features, it will be essential to build network infrastructure that supports higher speed, larger volume data traffic. Furukawa Electric will broadly contribute to the coming Beyond 5G society through photonics (light) technology and the provision of various products that support large volume data communication technology, including at data centers.

EnergyApply advanced technology to the energy domain and realize decarbonization and a recycling-based economy

The concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases is steadily rising, and it is said that average global temperatures have risen by over 1℃ since the Industrial Revolution. Given this, countries around the world are making full-scale efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Furukawa Electric is using the group's accumulated advanced technology capabilities to reduce CO₂ emissions in the value chain and for R&D to convert the emitted CO₂ into new forms of energy. We are aiming to realize decarbonization and a recycling-based economy.

MobilitySafer, more convenience and increased freedom. Aiming to realize a new form of mobility

There have been remarkable advances in electric vehicles (EV), connected cars and autonomous driving, leading to expectations for a mobility society that is completely different from today. In addition to automobile component technology, Furukawa Electric will utilize the various technology accumulated over the years in the telecommunications and energy domains to pursue a form of safe, convenient mobility. We will realize a new form of mobility that offers increased freedom.

Life sciences and social infrastructure DXContributing to life sciences and social infrastructure DX through original technology

With the arrival of the hyper-aging society, efficiently maintaining and managing social infrastructure has become a pressing issue following the extension of healthy life expectancy and shrinking labor force. Furukawa Electric will apply the group's accumulated core technologies to the life sciences domain and digital transformation (DX) of social infrastructure. We will contribute to the realization of a safe, peaceful society.

SustainabilityAiming to realize a truly prosperous, sustainable society

Furukawa Electric has declared the intent to "contribute to the realization of a sustainable society" in the Corporate Philosophy, and since the founding of the company in 1884, we have supported the development of social infrastructure in Japan in a way that resembles today's SDGs, and we are contributing the sustainable development of the world. Going forward, we will continue unending technological innovation centered on our materials capabilities, aim to achieve sustainable growth through co-creation with diverse stakeholders and also contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Furukawa Electric Group Medium-term 2022~2025(2025 Mid-term Plan)

The Furukawa Electric Group is promoting "maximize profits in existing businesses through a focus on capital efficiency", "build a foundation for creating new business by strengthening the development and proposal capabilities" and "strengthen the foundation for ESG management" as milestones for achieving Vision 2030. Use the following link for more details on our medium-term management strategy through 2025.

2025 Mid-term Plan (Link to the IR webpage)

Furukawa Electric PlatformIntroducing the "challenges" being undertaken by Furukawa Electric
directed at the realization of a truly prosperous, sustainable society.