Various reports issued by Furukawa Electric are listed together.

Integrated Report 2021

In this report, we introduce the status of efforts to achieve the "Furukawa Electric Group, Vision 2030" by ensuring that ESG is incorporated into the 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan (currently being formulated).
In addition, we describe the message from an Outside Director, the formulation of the Basic Policy on Sustainability, the establishment of the Sustainability Committee, and concrete efforts on the materialities (important management issues for achievement of Vision 2030) of both revenue opportunity and risk.

Sustainability Book 2021

In this book, we describe non-financial information including activities related to environment, social, governance and community because we could not described them enough in Integrated Report 2021. This book was edited with reference to the framework of ISO26000.

Financial Statements

Intellectual Property Report

Introducing Furukawa Electric Group’s intellectual property strategies and initiatives for intellectual property activities.

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