The technical capability of Furukawa Electric largely contributed to the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics
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October 9, 2013

The Royal Swedish Academy of Science announced that the Nobel Prize in Physics for the year is awarded to an emeritus professor Peter Higgs(84) of the University of Edinburgh in England and an emeritus professor Francois Engrail(80) of the Free University of Brussels in Belgium. They theoretically predicted the existence of a particle named the "Higgs boson" that gives a weight (mass) to the substances. This award recognizes that the achievement has explained the great mystery of the particle that physics has been reached.

To confirm the existence of the "Higgs boson", the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has repeatedly tested using the super-sized particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In this LHC, superconducting magnets are used to create extremely large magnetic force and superconductive technical capability of the company made a large contribution.

Superconductive Material