This is broadcasting and communication equipment for cable TV operators.
For broadcasting products, there is digital headed equipment that converts terrestrial digital broadcasting, satellite broadcasting and autonomous broadcasting to the RF signal used on cable TV, optical transmitters that convert and send those RF signals as optical signals, optical amplifiers to amplify and distribute optical signals, V-ONU that converts to the TV signal in each home, and peripheral equipment to transmit broadcast waves by FTTH or HFC. For communications products, there is center equipment OLT based on GE-PON transmission equipment for use with FTTH, D-ONU and related equipment for terminals that connect PCs and routers in each home.

Furukawa Electric has more than 40 years of experience supplying products to cable TV operators and has an extensive track record of many achievements.
GE-PON communication systems have been adopted by many cable TV operators and D-ONU continues to maintain the top share. We are using the opinions of many operators to brush up AG-Manager, our GE-PON management software, and are continuing to make improvements as a software-ONU-OLT trinity.

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