The Furukawa Electric Group will mobilize the Group's abilities and contribute to society with its material technology based around the theme of "using technology acquired through our material capabilities to help realize a society that is comfortable for living."

Cultivating New, Next-generation business (highly profitable business)

Furukawa Electric formulated its "long term Vision" for research and development, focusing on the theme of "using technology acquired through our material capabilities to help realize a society that is comfortable for living."

Based on this vision, we have developed our pillars as: "Create green-energy cars", "Create a smart electric power infrastructure" and "Build high-capacity telecommunication infrastructure". These are areas of emphasis for Cultivating New, Next-generation business.

In "Create green-energy cars", in response to the growing demand for lighter weight we have developed thinner-diameter harnesses, aluminum harnesses and forming material for bodies by applying polymer technology. As batteries will become increasingly important components, we also developed battery level sensors to measure the amount of charge.

In "Create a smart electric power infrastructure", we will advance development of technology that can store power from photovoltaic and wind power generation, and electric power network technology that links smart meters, as well as development of superconductivity.

In "Build high-capacity telecommunication infrastructure", where speed is transitioning from 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps, we are developing new types of optical fibers, varieties of active and passive optical components, and optical interconnection that can undertake large-capacity communication within servers.

Cultivating New, Next-generation business

Integrating Group Capabilities and Promoting Open Innovation

To develop these new materials and new technologies, it will become more necessary than ever to integrate the entire Group's capabilities. Our R&D division, to activate our development capabilities, will concentrate and integrate various technologies now scattered among different departments and subsidiaries and affiliates.

By using our research laboratories in the United States and European Union as a foothold, we will promote the internationalization of our research and development projects. In addition to such activities, we will aggressively promote Open Innovation by cooperation not only with universities and public research institutes, but also with industrial companies.

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