Furukawa Electric Commercializes Halogen-free, Phosphorus-free Ecobeamex 120α AESSX Electric Wire for Automobiles

May 30, 2013

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. ("Furukawa Electric") has commercialized the JASO(note 1) D 611-compliant Ecobeamex 120α AESSX(note 2) 120°C heat resistant electric wire for automobiles, which is halogen and phosphorus free. Combining electron irradiation cross-linking technology with Furukawa Electric's own new chemical crosslinking technologies(note 3), the product conforms to stringent automobile standards at a similar cost to halogen-containing electric wire (based on Furukawa Electric comparisons).

The electrical wire can be used as a halogen-free version of the AESSX electric wire used in the key harnesses and component harnesses of automobiles, and also has application as a PVC-free, plasticizer-free substitute for AVSS, AVSSH and AVSSX electric wires.

To date, Furukawa Electric has developed and commercialized a variety of halogen and phosphorus free electric wires, including 105°C and 125°C-rated UL-standard electric wires that meet strict vertical flame resistance requirements. Moving forward, Furukawa Electric will continue to bring new products to market in the area of halogen-free electric wires requiring high-level expertise in material technologies.

Background to Development

AESSX 120°C heat resistant electric wire for automobiles have been standardized under the JASO standards. Cross-linked polyethylene is specified as the base resin for AESSX electric wire, and in general, halogen-based flame retardants, which achieve high flame retardation effects with the addition of a small quantity, have been used. Recently there have been demands for electric wire free of halogen-based substances for environmental compliance purposes, and to remove halogen from these products, it has been necessary to use flame retardants with comparatively poorer flame-retarding properties. However, since the quantity of flame retardant added has to be increased, it has been difficult to deliver halogen-free electric wire at a cost comparable to halogen-containing electric wire while meeting strict automobile standards for things like abrasion and heat resistance (see sample comparisons of abrasion resistance in Figure 2).

This time, Furukawa Electric used its accumulated expertise in halogen-free material technologies to develop an electric wire that strikes a balance between cost and features.

Product Features and Data Specs

  • Conforms to the AESSX 120ºC Thin-insulation Electric Wire for Automobiles standard set forth in JASO D 611
  • RoHS compliant, REACH SVHC free, Halogen free, PVC free, plasticizer free, phosphorus free
(Tinned Annealed Copper Wire*)
Insulator Max.
Conductor Resistance
Cross-sectional Area
Composition (wires/mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Standard Thickness (mm) Standard Outer Diameter
Max. Outer Diameter
0.3f 19/0.16 0.8 0.3 1.4 1.5 59.0
0.5f 19/0.19 1.0 0.3 1.6 1.7 38.8
0.75f 19/0.23 1.2 0.3 1.8 1.9 25.8
1.25f 37/0.21 1.5 0.3 2.1 2.2 15.5
2.0f 37/0.26 1.8 0.4 2.6 2.7 10.0

Standard Insulator Colors: Black, white, red, yellow, brown, blue, orange, purple, gray, green
*Bare annealed copper wire is also supported.

Ecobeamex 120α


About Ecobeamex 120α
Ecobeamex is the grade for one of Furukawa Electric’s lines of halogen-free electric wire. Ecobeamex electric wires are treated with electron irradiation.
The 120 indicates an electric wire for automobiles with 120-degree heat resistance, while α, a lowercase “a” in the Greek alphabet, denotes the “Automotive” designation.

Supplementary Information

(note 1)JASO Standard
Standards for automotive components established by the Japanese Automobile Standards Organization.

(note 2)AESSX
120ºC Thin-insulation Electric Wire for Automobiles standard set forth in JASO D 611.

(note 3)New Chemical Cross-Linking Technology
This is a method for advancing cross-linking during melt kneading. As there is a mild cross-linking between resins after kneading, extrusion molding is possible, enabling remolding without the need for a crosslinking process after molding. This is a proprietary technology of Furukawa Electric with more than 20 related patents pending. Check the following link for more information:
New Chemical Cross-Linked Halogen-Free Insulated Wire “EcoacePlus Series” (PDF 154KB)