Contribution to the technological development of the optical fiber amplifier was recognized from The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.
The beneficiary the title of Fellow

September 19, 2013

Haruki Ohgoshi ,Senior-fellow(note 1) of Furukawa Electric and General Manager of FITEL Photonics Laboratory, was awarded the title of Fellow of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), on September 19th 2013 at the IEICE Society Conference held at Fukuoka Institute of Technology.

This award is based on the recognition of the contribution to “the technology development of the high-power and broadband erbium doped optical fiber amplifier”. Senior-fellow Ohgoshi has been working on technological development and commercialization of the optical fiber amplifier since the beginning of 1990, just after the erbium doped optical fiber amplification technologies were introduced. These technologies and products are widely applied to the domestic and foreign optical fiber communication systems, and contributed to the institute and the society.

On this award, Senior-fellow Ohgoshi says “This award could be received with the help and the cooperation of the participants working together on its development. I am deeply grateful to them. I will continue to play a leading role, taking advantage of the past experience, in the development of the optical component technology to support the large-capacity optical communication system in the Smartphone era.”

Here, the title of the IEICE Fellow is awarded, according to the rule of the IEICE, to “A regular member whose contribution to the IEICE is valuable, in addition, his academic-technical or related business achievement can be recognized”.

The beneficiary the title of Fellow

(note 1)“Senior-fellow”, introduced in 2011 as “profession title”, is a profession of corporate vice president status given to a recognized person who introduces the creative and innovative vision and the-medium to long term direction of the relevant specialized area based on the world class advanced expertise, in addition, and passes his own expertise to the next generation and educate them.