The Successful Development of The Movable Fiber Optic Cable
~Ideal for the Industrial Robot Camera~

December 3, 2013


Okano Cable Co., Ltd. (head office: 5-28 Fukami-nishi 1-chome, Yamato-City, Kanagawa, President: Yasuhiro Kamikura), a member of Furukawa Electric group, has developed the industry’s first fiber optic cable that can withstand to repetitive bending.

The cable sheath has a flame retardant property. In addition the cable is thin, light and excellent in flexibility. Then, the cable is suitable for image transmission applications such as in various kinds of industrial robots etc.


Conventionally, the transmission by a camera-linked copper cable has been mainly used for industrial cameras using a CCD sensor. But, there has been a limit in the shielding of the external noise and in the transmission speed, distance and bandwidth. CMOS sensor, which is capable of digital transmission, was developed to improve these issues, and achieved a transmission at an outstanding level of 100 at 6Gbps by combining with a fiber optic cable using a silica glass. In this case, the fiber optic cable using silica glass had a problem with long term durability because, in general, an attenuation increase was produced immediately after the bending.

In our case, the successfully developed movable fiber optic cable, invented in the sheath material and the internal structure, passed more than 15 million times of a bending test (the test on going), and is suitably designed for industrial robots and for transmission devices for mounter etc.

The Movable Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber kind SM (R15), GI (50/125)
Fiber number 2 cores
Finished OD 6.0mm
Approx. mass 36g/m

A reference product is exhibited at the booth of iDule. Co., Ltd. at the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2013, held from 4th to 6th of December 2013.

For the details of the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2013, please refer to the web-site