Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd. Changes Name to KANZACC
- Aiming to increase corporate value by offering high-function solutions -

February 1, 2013


Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd. of the Furukawa Electric Group will from April 1, 2013 change its name to KANZACC Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1963 with the company name Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd., the company this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Seeing this as an opportunity, the decision was made to use the brand name KANZACC, which is the collective name for the new product group that integrates three areas of business (surface treatment, electric wire and pipes), as the company name. Through the measure, more advanced and multi-angled technological development is to be further promoted with the aims of heightening corporate value and contributing to our society.

Background for Comparison and Objectives

In the area of energy among the markets surrounding Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd., technological development has progressed in solar, wind and other forms of natural energy, Smart Grids and other power transmission and distribution systems, and electrical energy storage systems, and further growth can be anticipated. Related to automobiles, new charging systems, equipment and high-function conductive materials have been in demand in line with the popularization of electric vehicles (EVs). The business environment is clearly undergoing tremendous changes.

Since fiscal 2010, Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd. has developed new products that integrate its technologies associated with these three areas of business. Development capabilities need to be improved even further to address these market changes and contribute to society. Changing the company name will heighten motivation among employees and the directions of their efforts will be integrated to improve development capabilities that can firmly take root in the age of new energy. In this way, Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd. will develop into a company that continues offering high-function solutions.

Origin of the name KANZACC

The name KANZACC combines the chemical symbols of metals related to businesses of Kyowa Electric Wire Co., Ltd., and aims at creating an image of letters with a specific meaning that are functionally linked.

K: Kyowa; A: silver (Ag); N: nickel (Ni); Z: MAZV (corrugated parts); A: aluminum (Al); C: copper (Cu); and C: cable

Outline of KANZACC

Company Name KANZACC Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2-1-9 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
Representative Hisakazu Ishibashi
Paid-in Capital ¥720,755,000
Employees Approx. 100
Bases Domestic sales offices: Osaka, Kanagawa, Fukui
Domestic production bases: Fukui, Kanagawa
Business Scale Sales (target for fiscal 2018): ¥8 billion