Notice of Discontinuation of the Manufacture and Supply of PCOCC

March 4, 2013

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has decided to discontinue the manufacture and supply of PCOCC(note 1) (including wire drawing and part of rolled products) for application in the conductors of acoustic instruments.


Although many customers have adopted the product as a conductor of acoustic instruments, it has been difficult to maintain the business, with the anural sales volume declining because of the weak domestic market in recent years. Without the prospect of market growth, Furukawa Electric has decided to discontinue the manufacture and supply.

We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the support you have shown this product.

(Postscript subsequent to publishing a news release)

We launched sales of the PCUHD high-purity oxygen-free copper wire as the successor model to the PCOCC, which enjoyed patronage for many years.

Please refer to this news release for details and contact information


  1. Termination of order acceptance: The end of March 2013
  2. Termination of manufacture: The end of August 2013
  3. Termination of supply: The end of December 2013

(note)Should the volume of orders exceed the supply capability, orders will be addressed through individual consultation.

(note 1)PCOCC stands for the Pure Cupper Ohno Continuous Casting Process, which refers to pure copper wires characterized by unidirectional solidification.