Okano Cable Release of Gorilla Cable, an Optical Fiber Cable
- An optical fiber cable that is resistant to lateral pressure -

April 2, 2013


Furukawa Electric Group’s Okano Cable Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-5-28 Fukami-Nishi, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa; President: Yasuhiro Kamikura) has developed an optical fiber cable that is resistant to lateral pressure. The product was released in March. Along with being resilient and resistant to defects, Gorilla Cable exhibits less optical loss in its optical fibers when strong lateral pressure is applied.

The company expects sales of at least 50 million yen in fiscal 2013

Background and description

Since communication facilities and data centers have many important transmission lines, they need to limit communication breakdowns as much as possible when sending and receiving data. Okano Cable has developed and commercialized an optical fiber cable to satisfy these needs.

Made of Fire retardant thermoplastic elastomer, the sheath material has a structure that keeps the optical fibers in the cable free from load when it is under pressure.


Resistance to lateral pressure: Resistant to a 2 ton/100mm load or greater. Because the cable is so resilient, no marks are left on it after lateral pressure is applied.
Workability: The cable jacket can be easily cut with a string.
Outside diameter: Approx. φ6.0 mm
Fire retardancy: The cable has passed JIS C 3005.
Usage environment: The cable is very resistant to oil, chemicals, water, and abrasion.

Photo of Gorilla Cable


Type of fiber: SM (R15), GI (50/125)(R30)
Number of fiber cores: 2
Cable shape: Round

More products will be added to the Gorilla Cable lineup.