KANZACC Development of B.PHOENIX Personal-Use Vehicle That Can Be Ridden Easily in a Standing Position

April 15, 2013


Production of this product has ended, and we no longer sell the product.

KANZACC Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka-shi; President: Hisakazu Ishibashi; "the Company"), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has developed and completed the prototype for an indoor-use vehicle. Named "B.PHOENIX," the vehicle was developed as part of a study into its use for moving around inside facilities such as nursing homes or factories based on the concept of being easy to ride in a standing position indoors. The aim is to sell the vehicles for personal use by the end of the year.

The solutions offered by the Company are referred to as KANZACC-DYNAMIC, with dozens of new items produced in the three years since full-scale development of the new product range began. The development of the product range has been made possible by a combination of technological innovation and highly specialized world-class engineering, based on complex technologies to achieve higher performance.

Exterior view of B.PHOENIX


  1. It has a practical, user-friendly design that allows it to be ridden easily in a standing position by users across a wide range of ages.
  2. It is equipped with the Company’s new fiber electric cables. These are stronger and lighter than copper electric cables of the same diameter, as well as being resistant to twisting, resulting in a strengthened electrical system.

Main specifications

Model of vehicle Body type   Low floor type
Drive system   2WD (FF)
Model   Type 1
Dimensions / weight / capacity Total length x Total width x Total height mm 840x540x1020
Wheelbase mm 600
Tread mm 450
Ground clearance mm 35
Floor height mm 150
Rider capacity   1
Weight of vehicle kg 40
Motor / battery Motor output W 250
Battery V 12x2
Performance Maximum speed km/h 5
Continuous running distance km 10
Turning circle (front wheels) mm 900
Charging time h 8 to 10