KANZACC Develops KANZACC-HX Lightweight, High-strength, Ultra-thin Welded and Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube Armored Cable

July 19, 2013


KANZACC Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka-shi; President: Hisakazu Ishibashi; the "Company"), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has developed KANZACC-HX, a lightweight, high-strength and ultra-thin welded and corrugated stainless tube armored cable that boasts excellent air- and water-tight properties. It is suitable for signal cable laid outdoors that needs measures to counteract damage by rats, mice, birds or insects.

Conventional armored cable is wrapped by corrugated stainless laminated tape to increase resistance to the environment and protect the cable from such damage. This type of cable lacks reliability since the bonded part tends to comes loose and air- and water-tightness are not ensured.

KANZACC-HX, the superb corrugated stainless tube armored cable developed by the Company, simultaneously solves all of these problems. The tubing is made of ultra-thin stainless tape with a thickness of 100-200 µm and, being seamlessly welded and corrugated, its joint will not come loose and has complete air- and water-tightness. It is as light as, or even lighter than, conventional products and can be produced at a lower cost.

The Company will begin shipping samples of the standard size from August 2013 to the telecommunication and railway industries and commence mass production from the second half of the fiscal year. Approximately 200 km of KANZACC-HX can be produced monthly and sales revenue of 100 million yen is expected in FY2014.


  1. The seamless welded joint ensures that KANZACC-HX is completely secure against air and water and dramatically increases the cable’s reliability.
  2. Construction work is also made easier since, due to the seamlessly welded joints, the stainless tubing will not come loose, and since it is lighter, stronger and more flexible than conventional cable.
  3. It can be produced at a low cost since it requires no lamination for stainless parts, unlike conventional cable.
  4. The dramatic compacting of the corrugation process means the outer dimensions remain the same as for conventional cable.


The cable is covered by seamlessly welded and corrugated stainless tubing, which is coated with a resin layer to prevent corrosion.


Signal cable for railways, optical and metal communication cables to be laid outdoor that require countermeasures against damage by rats, mice, birds or insects.