Furukawa to Appoint Its First Two Foreign Corporate Vice Presidents

February 28, 2013

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. will appoint two foreign Corporate Vice Presidents (CEO of OFS Fitel(Note 1), LLC and President of Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos (FISA)(Note 2)) for the first time as of April 1. Taking this opportunity, the Company will utilize the knowledge and experience of the foreign Corporate Vice Presidents to proactively promote its group/global management.

The aim of the appointments

  • The Company will broadly utilize the knowledge and experience of the appointees from the standpoint of strengthening group/global management.
  • The move will send a message to stakeholders that the Company will strengthen its group/global management.
  • By appointing Corporate Vice Presidents, the Company will improve recognition (loyalty) and motivation regarding group/global management.


The new Corporate Vice Presidents, regardless of the business domains in which they manage their affiliated companies, will propose specific plans for the Group’s overseas development from a broad perspective or for building a group/global structure, or will also propose specific plans such as one that focuses on expanding in a trade zone. They will, in turn, exchange views with other officers.

Career summary of the new Corporate Vice Presidents

Timothy Murray

Born on June 17, 1952 60 years old
Citizenship: United States of America
Highest level of Education: Princeton University, Ph.D., 1978 (metal organic compound)

October 2000
Director/General Manager
Specialty Fibers Divison, Lucent Technologies, Inc.
November 2001
Director/General Manager
Specialty Photonics Division, OFS Fitel, LLC (“OFS”)
October 2003
Division President
Specialty Photonics Division, OFS
June 2005
Division President
Optical Fiber Division, OFS
June 2008
CEO & Chairman
OFS (Present)
Timothy Murray

(Note 1)OFS Fitel, LLC:
OFS is a leading company in the global market for designing, developing, manufacturing and selling optical fiber, optical cables, FTTX, optical connectivity components and other various types of optical products. OFS’s history goes back to 1876 and its predecessors are AT&T, which has led the world in technology, and Lucent Technologies (currently Alcatel-Lucent). OFS is currently the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

Foad Shaikhzadeh

Born on November 29, 1956 56 years old
Citizenship: Brazil
Highest level of education: Graduated from the Escola Politécnica University (Electricity)

November 1986
Technical General Manager
Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos (“FISA”)
November 1989
General Manager of Curitiba Plant
September 1995
Telecommunications System Engineering Division
April 2001
FISA (Present)
Foad Shaikhzadeh

(Note 2)FISA:
FISA leads the South American market in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling optical cable, solutions for information distribution and optical fiber networks. The company, has been expanding its business via bases in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Prana) and Argentina (Buenos Aires) for 39 years from its establishment. FISA is currently the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary.