New Furukawa Electric Group Global Logo Mark

April 1, 2013

Furukawa Electric has adopted a new group global logo mark, which it began using on April 1 when the new groupwide global management framework went into effect. The new logo mark will be shared among all global group companies as a symbol to create a greater sense of unity while helping to convey a stronger global market presence for the Furukawa brand. Taking this as an opportunity, we will emphasize global management under the banner “One Furukawa” even further.

New design

New Furukawa Electric Group Global Logo Mark

Design concept

To coincide with the establishment of a new groupwide global management framework, we have chosen to use our "yamaichi" logo(note), which the Furukawa Group's founder Ichibe Furukawa first registered as a trademark in 1877, to portray a traditional, Japanese image to the rest of the world. We have also switched to a more streamlined font for the company name. By doing so, we hope the trademark will epitomize our commitment to flexibly meeting modern needs and making a global contribution whilst also preserving the tradition of technical innovation.

(note)Consisting of a mountain motif (yama) and the Japanese character for "one" (ichi), our yamaichi logo was created by Ichibe Furukawa in 1877, when he decided to leave behind his long career in the raw silk business and focus on the mining industry instead. Based on the idea of specializing exclusively in mining, he went on to develop Ashio Copper Mine into the leading copper mine in Japan (Source: "Fortune, Patience and Persistence - The Life of Ichibe Furukawa" Yukio Sunagawa). As the company's growth has always been underpinned by technical innovation, ever since those early days, we want to carry that through to the present day and contribute to society as a leading force in technical innovation.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. registered the "yamaichi" logo as a trademark in 1929.