Lease of the land holdings in Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture to Mitsui Fudosan for solar power generation business.

September 2, 2013

Furukawa Electric will lease the land holdings in Hachinohe Aomori prefecture to Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd (Mitsui Fudosan, here after) for solar power generation (Mega-solar) business. Furukawa Electric, who wishes the effective use of its real estate and Mitsui Fudosan, who promotes the renewable energy power generation business, have reached an agreement satisfying their mutual needs. Mitsui Fudosan will construct a solar power generation plant and enter into electricity sales business with Tohoku Electric. For the detail of the business, please refer to the news release announced today by Mitsui Fudosan. Furukawa Electric believes that the lease of the land holdings can contribute to the community thorough the solar power generation business.

Overview of the holdings:

  • Address: 100-2 5chome Hachinohe-kita-Inter Hachinohe City Aomori Prefecture
  • Leased area: Approx. 11 ha.
  • Leasing start: September 2013