Set up “Smart Infrastructure Development Department”
- Provide Solutions in the Infrastructure Market -

September 12, 2013

Furukawa Electric will developmentally dissolve Smart Grid New Business Development Department on September 16th and create Smart Infrastructure Development Department part of its Strategy Division.

Smart Grid New Business Development Department has been developing new products by merging the smart grid related technologies built in multiple divisions, laboratories and the group affiliated companies, and has been commercializing the connector cable for EV rapid charger, the package type electricity storage system and others. Meanwhile, currently the market is expanding from the smart grid focused on electricity and heading to the solution of the infrastructure of electricity, gas, water, transportation, etc. Here, Furukawa Electric is creating the Smart Infrastructure Development Department with the mission to configure the smart infrastructure by merging our technologies for energy related, telecommunication network, sensors, etc. And we will continue to provide solutions in the infrastructure market which is one of the plans of the 2015 medium-term plan “Furukawa G Plan 2015”.

For quite a while, Furukawa Electric group has been in the business of telecommunication infrastructure installation, and has been developing the instrumental technologies such as the wireless, the laser light source, the optical fibers, the optical components, the router, etc. We will merge these technologies to configure telecommunication networks with incorporated signals from the various sensors, and keep commercializing various solutions, such as the efficient natural resources consumption system, the traffic congestion avoiding system and the remote monitoring system of aging buildings. And we will continue to expand in the smart grid related business, including the energy management system, the charging infrastructure solution in which the telecommunication technology and other technologies are combined with the electricity storage system, the EV charger related technologies and others developed by Smart Grid New Business Development Department.