Furukawa Electric Group Consolidated Technology Exhibition was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil
~Contribution to the development of the infrastructure/automobiles in Central and South America region~

November 29, 2013

The Group held “FURUKAWA Innovation Expo 2013 in Sao Paulo” on November 26th in Sao Paulo, Federal Republic of Brazil. The Consolidated Technology Exhibition was the first comprehensive technology exhibition since the “Furukawa “G” plan 2015” (2015 medium-term management plan) has been formulated, and this is becoming a part of the activity to build up a sustainable “Growth” foundation by expanding the business in the infrastructure/automotive market and strengthening the group global management.


In Brazil, with the largest land and the highest population in South America, and ahead of 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil and the Olympic Games in 2016, further economical growth and an increase in national income are expected. Especially, in recent years, the dependence on power in the transportation and the transmission infrastructure for communications are expanding and also automotive sales are growing rapidly.

Furukawa Electric, in cooperation with Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletricos(Note 1) (Head office; Curitiba in Parana State) and others, held the solution oriented technology exhibition launching the full-scale efforts of the group and stating the keyword “smart solutions” within the concept of smart-energy, smart-communications, smart-life and environmentally friendly.

At the exhibition, the Chairman of the company made the greeting speech at the exhibition opening and products technology seminars were held in large numbers. Furthermore, as distinguished guest, Mr. Wagner Bittencourt de Oliveira (Vice president of National Bank for the Economic and Social Development; BNDES), visited the exhibition and made a congratulatory speech.

180 visitors from a wide variety of business field such as power companies, communications companies, automotive (parts) companies and media organizations joined the exhibition. High interest was gathered in the wealth telecommunication products and automotive parts through putting together all Furukawa group. Additionally, there were a number of queries for the next generation technology of the superconducting cable also in the exhibit.

This consolidated exhibition was held for the 5th time outside Japan, since its implementations in Bangkok in Thailand, Ginseng and Shanghai in China and Jakarta in Indonesia.

The Group will certainly continue its contribution to the development of the infrastructure/automotive markets in Central and South America entire region with the technical capabilities of the world’s highest level and rich products group cultivated in the fields of environment and energy, automotive and car-electronics, information and communications, etc.

(Note 1) Furukawa Industrial S.A. Produtos Eletrios;
Since the establishment in 1974, the company has been in manufacturing and sales of optical-cable and LAN related products, mainly in Central and South America. The company has an optical fiber cable manufacturing plant each in Brazil and Argentina, and the new optical fiber cable manufacturing plant in Colombia will go into production in February 2014.