Settlement of the Basic Patent Dispute for the Electrolytic Copper Foil used Lithium-ion Batteries

November 28, 2013

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd and ILJIN Materials Co., Ltd settled to peacefully terminate the entire law dispute, on November 5th 2013 by respecting the patent right, regarding the Japanese patent for the secondary battery electrolytic copper foil field held by Furukawa Electric.


The Lithium-ion secondary battery has been applied in the consumer field such as in smart phone, in laptop computer, in tablet devices etc. and further continuous demand expansion is expected with the spread of the hybrid vehicles and the electric cars.

The company developed an electrolytic copper foil, which can improve the battery performance, for the negative electrode material of the lithium-ion secondary battery and was granted the patent in 2005. The electrolytic copper foil for the lithium-ion battery "NC-WS" developed by the company has been widely used as a de facto standard in the industry.