Success in Developing Ultra Thin LAN Cable for Industrial Robots
- Suitable for use in harsh environments -

August 19, 2014


Furukawa Group Company, Okano Cable Co., Ltd. (President Yasuhiro Kamikura, Headquarters: 1-5-28 Fukaminishi, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, hereinafter the Company), developed the world's first ultra thin LAN cables for industrial use that can withstand repeated bending. Sales were launched in June 2014, and they are expected to exceed ten million yen of its sales by the end of this fiscal year


The level of functionality and automation of manufacturing facilities has increased in recent years, and the demand for industrial LAN cable that can withstand harsh environments and limited space in the industrial robot industry has likewise increased.

Okano Cable has intensified efforts to be the first in the industry to develop industrial LAN cable with higher density, launching the ultra thin industrial LAN cable in 2010 with an outer diameter of 3.1 mm—the smallest diameter in the industry.


Okano Cable are proud to have successfully developed LAN cable featuring high durability for industrial robots that is ultra thin, with an outer diameter of 4.0 mm, and that withstood more than ten million 90-degree twisting tests, making full use of the technologies cultivated through fields specialized from the conventional—i.e., robot cable technologies and ultra thin LAN cables.

Double-shield structure of the LAN cable enhances noise resistance. The LAN cable is thin and light, and has also superior flexibility. Therefore, it is suitable for industrial robots used in harsh environments and the like.

Exterior comparison

Features and specifications

High flexibility Upwards of ten million bending tests
Cableveyor testing Upwards of 40 million tests
Twisting testing Upwards of 10 million tests
Allowable tension 500N
Outer diameter 4.0 mm
Weight Approximately 25 kg/km
Telecommunications standard Cat.5e compliant
Principal use Excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, and flexibility suitable for use with industrial robots and the like.


Sales Department, Sales Division, Okano Cable Co., Ltd.

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