Okano Cable Co., Ltd. Outdoor Gorilla Cables Launched to Market
- A strong fiber optic cable for use outdoors, that can withstand extreme lateral pressure -

November 19, 2015

Okano Cable Co., Ltd.

Okano Cable Co., Ltd. (main office: 1-5-28 Fukami-nishi, Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yamato, Fukaminishi 1-5-28,, President: Yasuhiro Kamikura, "Okano Cable" below), a member of the Furukawa Electric Group, has developed a new lateral pressure-resistant optical fiber cable for use outdoors that offers low increase of optical loss (Okano Cable comparison) even when lateral pressure is applied, and is lightweight and highly flexible ("Outdoor Gorilla Cable" below). Okano Cable began selling the product in October of this year. Sales of five million yen per month are expected in the second half of this fiscal year.


Outdoor Gorilla Cables feature improved lateral pressure resistance and can be safely used even under condition where heavy loads could fall or communication failures could occur due to pressure caused by cable congestion.

They offer particularly excellent resistance to fire, weather, oil, water, and abrasion. In addition to being used outdoors, they can be used in environments where substances such as oil could adhere, such as in factories. Being optical fiber cables, they are also not affected by noise.

They are also lightweight, highly flexible, supple, and easy to work with, and can reduce construction work.

Outdoor Gorilla Cable

Lateral pressure tests (JIS C 6851)

* These characteristics are reference values and are not guaranteed.

The product was developed as a lateral pressure resistant optical fiber cable for use outdoors, based on the technology Okano Cable has developed over many years of working with optical fiber pulling manufacturing technologies.


Fiber type SM(R15), GI(50/125)OM2/OM3
No. of fiber cores 2
Finished outer diameter 6.2mm
Estimated weight 40g/m
Transportable Type Outdoor Gorilla Cable
* The drum is one example
Size (mm) 445(W)×310(D)×555(H)
Weight 200m reel: 13.3kg (including drum)

Drum-wound Outdoor Gorilla Cable
(available soon)

Exhibition information

The product will be shown in the Okano Cable booth (booth IR2-30) at the International Robot Exhibition 2015, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 2 to December 5 this year.

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