Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Helps to Miniaturize Electrical Wiring, Develops Eco Wires that are Environmentally Friendly
- Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable to begin selling "EM-FHIC" wire products which offer great forming and high quality construction -

April 22, 2015

Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable Co., Ltd. (main office: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yoshitaka Hattori), a member company of the Furukawa Electric Group, has developed "EM-FHIC" non-halogen flame/heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene insulated wires. The company will begin selling the wires from April of this year.

"EM-FHIC" are electrical wires made from environment-friendly materials and that offer high quality construction. They are suited for use inside devices.


JIS standardized insulated wires (such as IV, HIV, EM IE/F) are being used in an increasingly wide range of scenarios, such as electrical wiring for electronic manufactured articles, electronic devices, and control panels for manufactured devices.

Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable had released its "EM-LMFC" heat-resistant insulated wire products that offer excellent flexibility, and had helped to reduce electrical wiring size and weight. However, there is a growing need for heat-resistant insulated wires that offer even better construction, following the increasingly high performance of manufactured devices and the like.


Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable has strengthened its lineup of electrical wiring products for use inside devices and has developed "EM-FHIC" non-halogen flame/heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire products which offer excellent forming and high quality construction. The company began selling the wires on April 1st of this year.

In addition to improved construction, "EM-FHIC" wires offer superior heat and flame resistance, and can help to reduce the size and weight of electrical wiring inside devices.


(1) Construction

"EM-FHIC" wires are easily formed, so they can be given the perfect shape when wiring. The separator around the conductor has been removed, improving workability when stripping wires.

(2) Heat resistance

"EM-FHIC" wires offer excellent heat resistance (standard permissible temperature of 110°C), and can obtain permissible currents exceeding those of JIS standard insulated wires (IV, HIV, EM IE/F).

(3) Flame resistance

"EM-FHIC" wires offer flame resistant properties that match or exceed those of JIS standard insulated wires (IV, HIV, EM IE/F).

(4) Applicable laws

"EM-FHIC" wires comply with the Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act and JCS 3417(Note 1) (flame resistant cross-linked polyethylene insulated wires).

(note 1)Falls under the category of EM-IC electric wires listed as electric wires in the Public Construction Work Standards Specification Document

(5) Environment-friendly shape

"EM-FHIC" wire insulation uses halogen-free materials. The environment-friendly wires do not contain any harmful substances as specified by RoHS directives. The wires do not emit harmful gases if they are burnt. Tin plating has been removed from the conductor in an attempt to reduce the product's environmental burden.

Construction chart

Conductor Insulator thickness
Finished outer diameter approx.
Permissible current (A)
Nominal cross-sectional area
Structure wires / mm Outer diameter
110℃ 90℃ 75℃ 60℃
1.25 7/0.45 1.35 0.8 3.0 29 24 20 15
2 7/0.6 1.8 0.8 3.4 41 35 29 22
3.5 7/0.8 2.4 0.8 4.0 56 48 39 30
5.5 7/1.0 3.0 1.0 5.0 75 63 51 40
8 7/1.2 3.6 1.0 5.6 93 79 65 49
14 7/1.6 4.8 1.0 6.8 134 113 94 71

Sales target

100 million yen/year by FY 2018

About Furukawa Electric Group

Furukawa Electric (TSE; 5801, ISIN; JP3827200001) Group started business in 1884, when its copper-smelting facility and wire manufacturing factory was established. Since then Furukawa Electric has become pioneers in the latest technologies by addressing diverse technological issues. Furukawa Electric has released products in a number of areas, including telecommunications, electronics, automobiles, and construction, with the three types of materials it works with at their core, namely, optics, plastics, and metals. Many of these products have attained the top global market share, and all of its products have contributed to society in numerous business areas. Furukawa Electric reported consolidated revenues of JPY 931.8 billion (approximately USD 9.3B) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.