Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. to Begin Selling High Functionality Insulation Material Product with Significantly Reduced Ultraviolet Degradation
- Improved comfort in buildings -

April 27, 2015

Furukawa Electric began selling “Kirara Ace”, a new high functionality insulation material product for metallic roofs. “Kirara Ace” curbs ultraviolet degradation, while its advanced heat shielding and soundproofing performance improves comfort in buildings.


Furukawa Electric's “Foam Ace” is a chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet (Note 1) with a closed cell structure, which offers superior heat shielding and dew condensation prevention. The product is widely used as insulating material attached to the underside of metallic roofs and the like.

However, using “Foam Ace” on outdoor structures could hasten deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, wind, and rain. Even in places outside of direct sunlight, ultraviolet light is reflected from the ground and other structures outside. There was therefore a need for new insulating material that could reduce ultraviolet degradation.


Furukawa Electric has developed “Kirara Ace,” a new high functionality insulation material product for metallic roofs, and began selling it in April of this year.

“Kirara Ace” significantly reduces ultraviolet degradation by covering the surface of “Foam Ace” with lightweight aluminum foil. Aluminum foil offers heat shielding and increased soundproofing performance thanks to its light reflectivity.

As with traditional insulating material, “Kirara Ace” can be attached to metallic sheets, offers easy fabrication, and is ideal for use in the outdoor roofs of factory storehouses, station buildings, parking lots for cars and bicycles, and many other applications.

“Kirara Ace”


Standard specifications: 4 mm (T) x 870 mm (W) x 50,000 mm (L)

(Note 1)Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet:
A foam sheet fabricated by cross-link treating polyethylene plastic, then foaming the result at high power. The resultant foam sheet offers heat shielding and low water absorbency, and is widely used in such products as insulating material, A/C pipe covering, sporting goods, and general products.

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