World Top Conductivity; Development of Carbon Nano Tubes Successful
- Selected for NEDO support project, R&D to begin with the goal of implementation -

June 16, 2015

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Shinshu University have successfully developed a carbon nano tube (CNT) conductor, which will offer world top conductivity. These development results will be used during the "Nano Carbon Material Implementation Project for Achieving a Low-Carbon Society," a support project implemented by the New Energy Development Organization (NEDO). Furukawa Electric will now enter a research and development phase in order to implement the technology.


CNTs are formed from a sheet of hexagonally-bonded carbon atoms rolled into a cylinder shape. CNTs feature many outstanding qualities: they are light (1/5th the weight of copper), strong (20 times stronger than steel), and have a very high current density (1,000 times that of copper). CNTs are one form of nano carbon material that are expected to contribute to making electronic component lighter and bringing about a wide variety of performance increases. These ultralight and high performance materials will be crucial in achieving a low-carbon society.


Furukawa Electric and Shinshu University's Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (Nagano, Nagano Prefecture) have successfully developed a CNT conductor that offers world top conductivity.
These research results were proposed and then accepted for NEDO's "Nano Carbon Material Implementation Project for Achieving a Low-Carbon Society" support project, under the topic "Development of Lightweight Nano Carbon Material Conducting Wire." Once some of the work involved in this project is handed off to Shinshu University, Furukawa Electric will spend the next two years developing ultralight conducting wire using CNT, and expects to complete a sample that can withstand actual use as a conducting wire.

LED luminescence via conduction to a development product

Furukawa Electric will continue to utilize the many features of CNT (including high strength, ultra-low weight, and environment resistance), work toward reducing electric wire weight and loss, and contribute to achieving an energy-saving society.

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