Next Generation Flywheel Power Storage System Verification Testing Facility Completed

- Facility to begin linked testing with large scale solar power generation and power generation systems -

September 3, 2015

Railway Technical Research Institute
Kubotek Corporation
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Mirapro Co., Ltd.
Yamanashi Prefecture

Railway Technical Research Institute, Kubotek Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Mirapro Co., Ltd., and Yamanashi Prefecture have linked the world’s highest-class next generation flywheel power storage system verification equipment with the Komekurayama large-scale solar power plant operated by Yamanashi Prefecture, and have completed construction of a facility for verification testing. This was implemented as part of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization project, “Safe and Low Cost Large Scale Power Storage System Technology Development.” Verification testing will be conducted until the end of the fiscal year, with the goal of implementing stable renewable energy, which otherwise tends to fluctuate greatly.

Illustration: Next generation flywheel power storage system development contributions and verification equipment

Document: Verification testing outline

Implementation of power system testing in combination with solar power plants

In an attempt to achieve “local production and consumption of energy,” Komekurayama in Yamanashi Prefecture — which has continued to strive to implement renewable energy — will begin grid connection testing that combines a “next generation flywheel power storage system” and large scale solar power generation(note 1).

This testing involves using newly developed power storage systems to stabilize unstable energy generated from sunlight (which fluctuates according to natural conditions such as the amount of solar radiation) and send it to power systems. This is expected to make it easier to implement renewable energy.

Distant view of the verification facilities,Photo of the installed verification equipment (taken at an angle from above)

(note 1)The “Komekurayama Solar Power Plant” (10,000kW) that was built in collaboration with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated and the newly built “Komekurayama Verification Testing Solar Power Plant” (1,002.6kW) in Yamanashi Prefecture will be used to conduct this verification

Document: Verification testing outline

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