Furukawa Electric Begins Supplying Aluminum Stabilization Superconductors to a National U.S. Laboratory
- Superconductors are expected to contribute to the worldwide advancement of fundamental physics -

March 31, 2016

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has begun supplying aluminum stabilization superconductors to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory located in Illinois, U.S. These superconductors are composed of superconducting twisted wire embedded in aluminum, and offer some of the highest dimensional accuracy and electric / mechanical characteristics in the world.


Research on particle physics continues throughout the world. The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (U.S.) is currently engaged in the Mu2e project, in which researchers are conducting tests for attempting to measure the conversion of an elementary particle called muon(note 1) into electricity.

Furukawa Electric has an impressive track record of contributing to the advance of particle physics throughout the world. In 2003 Furukawa Electric supplied superconducting conductors for the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), aiding in the subsequent discovery of the Higgs particle.


Furukawa Electric has recently begun supplying aluminum stabilization superconducting conductors (DS1 and PS) for use in magnets used for particle experiments at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (U.S.). Each type of conductor features superconducting twisted wire embedded in aluminum. High purity aluminum is used for DS1, while PS features Furukawa Electric's patented Ni-added High Purity Aluminum Alloy(note 2).

These products were required to support a variety of brand new electric and mechanical characteristics so that they could maintain an extremely high dimensional accuracy and keep a large current flowing stably. They were therefore developed with a fine balance of characteristics to meet specification requirements, based on the superconducting technologies Furukawa Electric has accumulated over many years. Furukawa Electric is currently working to develop and improve its mass production technologies, making it possible to stably manufacture long semiconductors.

Furukawa Electric will continue to provide superconducting conductors of the highest quality to research institutions all over the world, and will contribute to the advancement of fundamental physics with top level technologies—beginning with particle physics research.


  1. DS1导体
    Measurements: 5.27mm x 20.1mm
    Critical current value(note 3): 23,900 A at 5 T
    Total length: 9,900m
  2. PS conductor
    Measurements: 5.52mm x 30.1mm
    Critical current value: 66,250 A at 5 T
    Total length: 14,300 m

(note 1)Muon:
A type of elementary particle. It is a fundamental constituent of matter.

(note 2)Ni-added High Purity Aluminum Alloy:
An aluminum alloy with added nickel (1,000 ppm) for improved mechanical strength.

(note 3)Critical current value:
The value at which a current flows through a superconductor, while still maintaining the null state of electric resistance (superconducting state).

About Furukawa Electric Group

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