Sampling of Narrow Linewidth & High Output Power Micro ITLA for beyond-100Gbps optical digital coherent transmission

March 16, 2017

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a new wavelength-tunable laser chip that enables narrow linewidth and high output power from a micro ITLA(note 1) Sampling of the Narrow Linewidth/High Output Micro ITLA is imminent, and mass production will be announced shortly thereafter.


The continuing growth in popularity of smartphones, cloud computing, video distribution, and social networking has increased traffic through core communication networks and data centers all over the world. 100 and 200 Gb/s high capacity transmission systems that use optical digital coherent(note 2) transmission continue to be installed to support this increase in traffic.
Furukawa Electric has already commercialized its micro ITLA product, exhibiting excellent characteristics as a signal laser and local oscillator(note 3) in optical digital coherent systems. However, due to exponential traffic growth, the market demanded micro ITLAs with narrower linewidth and higher optical output power, in order to support higher modulation formats and smaller form factors for 400 Gb/s and even 1 Tb/s.

(note 1)Micro ITLA:
an Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly with reduced footprint; a key part of ultrafast optical digital coherent transmission devices capable of speeds exceeding 100 Gb/s. Micro ITLAs are being implemented for high-speed applications all over the world.

(note 2)Optical digital coherent:
A transmission method that uses optical phase as well as amplitude to increase spectral efficiency and is robust against signal degradation and noise. By using digital signal processing to recover the carrier frequency and phase from transmitted data, the system is capable of transmitting a large volume of information within a narrow bandwidth.

(note 3) Local oscillator:
Light source used locally to interfere with the signal light, in order to extract phase information from transmitted data. This requires narrow linewidth properties.


Furukawa Electric has utilized its mature, proven in-house InP (Indium Phosphide) semiconductor chip technology to create a next-generation, wavelength-tunable laser chip on which laser arrays with unique diffraction grating structures and low-loss optical couplers are monolithically integrated. The new laser chip has successfully enabled a "narrow linewidth & high output power micro ITLA" that offers among the highest optical output powers and narrowest linewidths in the world.

Furukawa Electric was able to use its high precision packaging technology to increase output power, reduce linewidth, and shrink packaging to a size even smaller than traditional products — without causing power consumption or other characteristics to suffer. The new product's command interface is compatible with OIF(note 4)
standards, making it easy to implement with optical communication devices.

Narrow line width/high output micro ITLA

Narrow line width/high output micro ITLA

(note 4)OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum):
A global organization that promotes standards related to optical networking equipment and their optical components.


  Narrow Linewidth &  High Output Power Micro ITLA Conventional Furukawa Electric product
Wavelength variable width 1528 – 1564 nm (C band) 1528 – 1564 nm (C band)
Optical output 19 dBm 15.5 dBm
Line width 100 kHz 300 kHz
Wavelength stability <±2.5 GHz <±2.5 GHz
Power consumption 5 W 5 W
Size 37.5(L) × 20(W) × 7(H) mm 37.5(L) × 20(W) × 7.5(H) mm

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